Tree and reflection


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007c 008a 008 007 Featured Image -- 1429 Thomas Edison, inventor of  the commercially practical incandescent lightbulb (among other things) and natty dresser. 002b 008b 006 Yeats' Grave in Sligo Cong and Garry Irish SignsGarryInnisfree Author Gordon Winter, Garry and chickens Rainbow over Sligo Cong, September 1990 Marilyn at Loch Gill Dublin, September 1990 Somewhere in Ireland Cong and Garry 007 009d St Patrick banishing the snakes. Attribution: Lyricmac at en.wikipedia st Pat with shamrock Croagh_Patrick bealtaine fire (2) 009cFairy Tree on the way up to Loughcrew. 004 003a St_Patricks_Day Lone standing stone at Magh Slecht. black-cat moon Guardian sentinel stone  dappled by tree shadows looking towards Cuilcagh. Lone standing stone on the plain of Magh Slecht, Co Cavan. Looking towards the site of stone circle. Fincairn Hill, Co Monaghan Killycluggin Stone replica. Replica of Killycluggin Stone on roadside Scrolling La Tene style carvings The real stone, broken, abandoned, 'repaired' with plasterHill of Allen, taken from the quarry side. Tower is built on top of Fionn's grave. Sheebeg, Grainne's Grave Hero... I'm holding out for a hero till the end of the night... 019b 015b 45299_10151342387087231_734740312_n 551370_10151342387297231_1780073253_n 300262_10151342387267231_408645387_n 016 164685_10151342386522231_255461802_n 529426_10151342386867231_2032610875_n 480890_10151342386967231_366337769_n tramore soltice dawn Strike up conversations with locals and hear their storiesHeading back Adrian's Way, Loughanleagh The stone circle at Loughanleagh. Open your travel horizons in 2015 Ork trail through the deep dark forest Mist blurs the heathery hills Ok, not glam but soaked to the skin & almost blown off the top of Corraweelis Cairn Descending into woodland. Moss hangs from trees like green beards. The stone circle Jenni walks the stone circle Jenni approaches the top of Moyer Cairn Nature is confused - the gorse is flowering in january! Moyer Cairn, highest point at 1119ft.The Holly wreath the laden table 002c Cup mark said to be the imprint of St Pat's knee. the crib Holly christmas-candle christmas greeting Christmas on Wendhurst (PHOTO: Daryl Watkins) Christmas on Wendhurst (PHOTO: Daryl Watkins) Christmas on Wendhurst (PHOTO: Daryl Watkins) Christmas on Wendhurst (PHOTO: Daryl Watkins) christmas-around-the-world-06 Featured Image -- 1266 Featured Image -- 1268 Christmas on Wendhurst (PHOTO: Daryl Watkins) dessertbuffet xmas banner 2 1000x360 10429435_680057622108702_5400750975244111939_n cropped-3.jpg 4 cropped-1.jpg 3 IMG_3163 imageimage Clever folding  trestles below the gun rack,  on which a plank was laid for preparation of weapons image wpid-images-15.jpg.jpeg wpid-dsc_1459-580x352.jpg wpid-img_0339.jpg wpid-delirium2.jpg wpid-backpacker-travel.jpg wpid172-images.jpg wpid-arthursday-2-230x150.jpg wpid-1.jpg wpid-images-4.jpg.jpeg wpid-images-5.jpg.jpeg wpid-images-9.jpg.jpeg wpid-images-8.jpg.jpeg wpid-irishbackpacker.jpg wpid-images-7.jpg.jpeg wpid-2033296.jpgwpid-images-10.jpg.jpeg wpid-images-11.jpg.jpeg Irish Vegetable Soup And Soup Blended! The River Boyne, a mighty river indeed, and famous for its mythology, but surprisingly, NOT one of Ireland's longest. Photo credit: GlobaLinks Learning Abroad The River Boyne, a mighty river indeed, and famous for its mythology, but surprisingly, NOT one of Ireland's longest. plane, Reading, England-Huston-photo 1 wpid-1.jpg 20140831-164654-60414318.jpg 20140831-164653-60413269.jpg 20140830-132633-48393491.jpg 20140831-164652-60412075.jpg 20140831-164648-60408877.jpg 20140831-164647-60407133.jpg 20140831-164651-60411077.jpg 20140831-164619-60379277.jpg 20140831-164622-60382206.jpg 20140831-164621-60381003.jpg 20140831-164650-60410204.jpg 20140831-164647-60407962.jpg Иллюстрация к греческому мифу, монотипия. The Liffey sure is pretty at sunset. Howth walk Irish view Irish landscape IMG_2153 Dublin1 Featured Image -- 1106 Immagine Irish sky IMG_0211 get-attachment.aspx IMG_0212 get-attachment-1.aspxIMG_4774[1] IMG_4778[1] IMG_4769[1] Storehouse 2 IMG_0197 IMG_4771[1] IMG_4773[1] IMG_4770[1] Featured Image -- 1076 At Coppinger's Court Concert In St. Barrahane's, Castletownshend Terri Leiber in May the Force Ferdia At the Baltimore Beacon At Drombeg, Jan and Brian On the Sheep's Head Vi conquers the ridge 20140630_161342 (1) Eugene Maher, ShannonFerry Group (based in Kilrush), and Marie Brennan, Shannon Heritage, at this year’s Milwaukee Irish Fest in Wisconsin. 20140828-001728-1048611.jpg 20140828-001600-960868.jpg 20140828-001602-962380.jpg20140828-001110-670170.jpg 20140828-001112-672271.jpg 20140828-001113-673944.jpg 20140828-001732-1052873.jpg 20140827-234511-85511254.jpg 20140827-235946-86386791.jpg 20140827-232937-84577374.jpg 20140827-232341-84221241.jpgemma-stone_glamour_18jul14_rex_b_592x888 Helen-Mirren-Vogue-14July14 Rex_b kate-bosworth2_glamour_17jul14_rex_b_592x888 Galway Races audrey-tautou_glamour_18jul14_rex_b_592x888 tolula-adeyemi_glamour_21jul14_rex_b_592x888 roksanda-ilincic_glamour_21jul14_rex_b_592x888 Enjoying Galway Races 2012 Myself and my friend at Galway Races 2011 Hats Winner COAST_RITA SKIRT_EUR 155 Helen Murphy from Cork wins Best Dressed at the Galway Races 2014 dressed in Coast RITA skirt Featured Image -- 1026Race Dudes Featured Image -- 1013 Bunratty Jurassic Park Allison, on the mead _DSC9813 DSC_5911 IMG_4752 Featured Image -- 1001 Vibrant Port Magee On the road Hamill&Ridley-at-Skellig-2 Hamill&Ridley-at-Skellig-1 DSC_0610 DSC_0603DSC_0567 DSC_0583 DSC_0586 DSC_0599 DSC_0605 DSC_0541 DSC_0529 DSC_0518 DSC_0516 DSC_0507 DSC_0474 DSC_0495 DSC_0491Game of Thrones! Dark Hedges game-of-thrones-tours giants_causeway_2 _DSC9817 Featured Image -- 953 St Mullins Abbey (17) St Mullins Abbey (16) St Mullins Abbey (14) St Mullins Abbey (11) St Mullins Abbey (16) Subscribe to my mailing list, and be the first to know about my new book releases A well known Irish verse 001 image image image image image image image Where else would you go to work and eat inside a medieval church? image image imageAfer a few days on a deserted western Island, it usually goes a bit wickerman... image image image image P1010580a P1010579a Shop Street McDonagh's ...and 'hoo' doesn't love owls?  (Except for small furry rodents, of course!) ..and even a couple of owls... 005 006 IMG_2211Hugs and kisses to my friends back home.  I think of you often and wish you were here. ...including hawks... the designers intended it to be. The museum was enlightening... ...and how a half penny and a quarter were once made. We learned how coins were minted... ...Dublin in Viking and Medieval times. The people of Dublin love to learn and there are many walking tours available year year round. This one shared research that Fergus included in his book "Descent into Treason." And then the four of us headed over to Dublinia... ...a museum attached to Christchurch... It was still on my "things to see in Dublin" list. Nancy and I enjoyed a post-tour lunch at The Church restaurant. And soon our friends Mairtin and Thomas d'Alton came along to join us. Nadia was busy working, so the boys had to amuse themselves. Matrain pointed out a good local brew to try... ...and it drew quite a crowd. Fergus' tour was a part of the People History Project... ...and soon found the matching face -- Tom Mullian. King of the Cobblestone!I hustled from yoga over to hear Fergus Whelan's walking tour... ...alongside my fabulously accomplished colleague, Dr. Nancy Stenson. On the way I spied a pair of hands I recognized... It's a lovely park. the zoo. ...for Scott Bradley and Postmodern Jukebox, at Whelans on Camden Street... ...the show featured my Fulbright tap-dancing friend Alexander McDonald (pictured in the middle)... ..and I enjoyed the performance alongside Michael (to the right). He's a biomedical researcher from Belfast who I met in the line. Saturday morning I awoke  just in time for... Friday, I heard Johnny Stewart open... Later that same evening, I attended a social event on the same street. It was a MeetUp of the group "Dublin New and Not So New" and I made new friends including Eamon Grogan (by my right). A new (Italian) bakery has appeared  on Dame Street. ...although they are still repaving it..  (As for me, I quite enjoyed the old brick paving, but the expensive new granite floor will have to do.) My first week back was filed with meetings and contract details. On Wednesday, for instance, I enjoyed lunch with electoral engineering wizards Ted Burke, Gavin Duffy, and Damon Berry. We discussed aspects of two of my three Marie Curie projects. My first meal back in Dublin: Pieman! To cap the week, I spent Sunday morning with Cecelia, discussing research and grants(wo)manship. Following the tour, we headed over the the Botanical Garden, which I'd not visited before. The original event (O’Donovan Rosa's 1915 funeral) had a few more attendees, however! And they will soon rebuild the stair in his tower (he stair was bombed once upon a time; the tower pictured previously), so we were fortunate to see the inside, as it is, one last time. Annie was a superb tour guide.... ...for a guided tour of Glasnevin Cemetery. For me, this city is full of memories... ...and shoot the breeze with Marek (who helped hone my Marie Curie grant proposal) and Ela's new husband, Ronan. ...capped on the north end as it is, by the Cobblestone pub. The city is installing new bike racks.  Due to the popularity of Dublin Bikes, service is expanding....and and aspirations. ...where I knew I'd get to see Ela once again... Following the BBQ we headed down to Neelons Pub And finally caught up with the new dean of the College, Gerry Ferrell. ...for a MeetUp at a Russian restaurant. Following the dinner, Eamon and I headed over to the Cobblesotne to hear Brenda play and Fergus and Eamon sing. I also reconnected with Cecelia Hartsell, a PhD candidate from Fordham University. I attended the end-of-year BBQ for DIT's College of Engineering and the Built Environment. DSCF5335 Signs of the season Irish Signs 75-GAWorcNIK-31 PicMonkey Collage Lucky Us Featured Image -- 734 Waterford P1010328a St Patrick w Draco ITR-PCL-00045299 st patricks day nails st pattys day nails st paddys saint green pot of gold four leaf clover shamrock nails nail art nailart irish cream ingredients “Shamrock Shake” IMAG1519_1 20140315-141723.jpg HTISC 02 1969173_10201128972859552_2074221323_n 1014109_10201128977259662_519356539_n DSCF0091 St Patricks in MombasaDSCF0063 1002548_10201128949458967_1097791348_n 1901813_10201128957699173_1506821270_n 1922003_10201128959299213_272750180_n 1898259_10201128970979505_1291100945_n DSCF0062 1798529_10201128949818976_1933623444_n photo images (1) images (2) images (3) images 1798822_10201128944738849_1372652313_n wpid-wp-1394375443400.gif P1010243a scan0376 IMG_0069 P1000577 IMG_1425 IMG_0722 IMG_1177 P1000601a P1000604a IMG_0729 iwd_long womenday DSC_0361 DSC_0386 Quinoa and Kale Salad P1000590a New York St. Patrick's Day Parade Wearing of the GreenThe sculpture “Angel of the Past” is by a local artist, Patrick Morris, carved from a sycamore tree which stood here when Charles Stewart Parnell addressed the people of Kells about land rights for Irish tenants and Home Rule. Blarney Castle Grounds Blarney Castle St. Stephen's Square, Dublin Connie and Al, Guinness at the bar Brian and Tara, Guinness at the bar Irish Dancers - Photo by William Murphy under creative commons licence Guinness The Ring of Kerry, Ireland Featured Image -- 564 Featured Image -- 562 Image Image Image Featured Image -- 554 Image 20140211-153249.jpg Inishowen Peninsula, Donegal, images images (7)images (1) images (3) images (4) images (6) images (5) 1603-montserrat cropped-images-81.jpg images (23) images (24) images (25) images (26) images images (22) images (20) images (21) images (19) images (18) images (14) images (15) images (16) images (17) images (12) images (11) images (10) images (9) images (8)images (3) images (4) images (5) images (6) images (7) images (1) download (6) download (5) christmas music download (1) download (2) download (4) 79d37-mandela 2d2b2-nelson-mandela_620_1700155a 452c0-nelson-mandela-noble-peace-prize-sized252822529 44fc0-image e86ff-deriv-398_22-4-670x994 a2a1e-nelson-mandela-by-eli-weinberg-1961-ii 69970-nelson-mandela-in-prison 112db-nelson-mandela-004 050eb-2-nelsonmandela nelson-mandela1 fe81b-mandela 1452553_10152010140654287_1900965079_n - Copy Desktop - Copy download - Copy images (13) images (14) images (15) images images-1.jpg images (10) images-22.jpg images (8) images (10) images (12) images (10) images (4) images (3) images (5) images (6) images (12) images (2)


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