Balbriggan Beach

Ballbriggan – Co Dublin

Balbriggan is home to a beautiful sandy beach which is only two minutes from Balbriggan town centre and the train station. On a fine day you can see the mountains of Mourne across the stretch of water.  A large colony of seals inhabit the coastline at Hampton and can regularly be seen around the harbour, especially when the fishing boats head home after their time out at sea. Lifeguards are on duty during the weekends for the month of June and full time for July and August.

Barnageara Beach

Skerries-Balbriggan – Co Dublin

Barnageera Beach is located between Skerries and Balbriggan in County Dublin. It is a sandy beach backed by high cliffs. There is a surf school at the beach offering surfing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.

Dollymount Beach


Located just 4 miles from the City Centre, Dollymount Beach, is located on the Bull Island and is well known to many Dubliners and is often affectionately referred to as ‘Dollier’. It is where some learned to drive along the firm sandy beach although in recent years vehicular access to the beach is restricted to small sections.

The beach is very popular for joggers and walkers, some accompanied by their dogs. The wildlife reserve status of the island means that dogs must be kept under control by their owners.

Wind permitting, the beach is used for kitesurfing and there is a vibrant community of kitesurfers that frequent the beach all year round.

Dún Laoghaire promenade and Beach

Dún Laoghaire – Co Dublin

Dún Laoghaire promenade is a haven for those who love to be beside the seaside. The five gold anchor-rated harbour is a bustling gateway for ferries, yachts and pleasure boats. The promenade and harbour piers are the perfect setting to watch the comings and goings of vessels of all shapes and sizes while admiring the views of the surrounding harbour and coastal scenery.

The promenade and nearby areas are abuzz with trendy bars, cosy cafes, pubs and restaurants, cultural venues, and regular craft fairs and farmers’ markets. The promenade provides plenty of space to walk or cycle. The promenade has undergone extensive developments over the years with more to follow.

Jutting out into the sea from the harbour front are the east and west piers. Both piers offer fantastic walking and sight-seeing opportunities – by day and by night.



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