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Phase 2: Easing of lockdown restrictions in Ireland

All you need to know about the easing of lockdown restrictions in Ireland during Phase 2 which came into effect from 08 June 2020. Travel update: You are allowed to travel 20km from your home but within your home county. #StaySafe #LockdownIrelandPhase2

Working Holiday Ireland


Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus we are not in a position to offer travel advice to travellers wishing to come to Ireland. Please consult with WHO guidelines for your country before travelling Please be mindful and read Washing your hands with bleach or a diluted bleach mixture is the ONLY way to… Continue reading **Coronavirus**

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Entry 1: Lodging the application (Part 1)

Here is some really great first hand advice/tips from Carl who came all the way from Australia to Ireland on a working holiday. Thanks Carl for the write up

An Australian's guide to a Working Holiday Authorisation/Visa in Ireland

Subject to someone correcting me, and based on advice from the Irish Embassy in Canberra, I understand that Australians can only apply for a WHA in two ways:

  • from within Australia; or
  • in London, by physically lodging the application at the Visa Office of the Embassy of Ireland in the UK.

Unlike the majority of Australians I spoke to, I lodged my WHA application in London. This is entirely because my decision to move to Ireland (as described above) was made when I was volunteering on a husky farm in rural northern Germany (what a disgusting travel brag), and returning home to lodge it wasn’t financially/logistically possible.

I asked my friend to send me a summary of how she applied for her WHA from within Australia, because my experiences with the application process unfortunately mightn’t help the majority of applicants. She told me it was simply a matter of sending…

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