Working Holiday Ireland

Entry 5: Getting a job (and getting paid/changing jobs)

Here is some really great first hand advice/tips from Carl who came all the way from Australia to Ireland on a working holiday. Thanks Carl for the write up

An Australian's guide to a Working Holiday Authorisation/Visa in Ireland

There’s no secret to getting a job in Ireland, so I won’t bother writing a long blog post about it. I spent my time working in hospitality, so it was simply a matter of printing a bunch of resumes and walking into pubs/cafes/restaurants/hotels and asking for a job. As is the case with most/all hospitality jobs, you’ll probably have to do a trial shift, which sucks, but it’s all part of it. Work hard, have a good attitude and it’ll all work out.

One thing I will say is that AS SOON AS YOU GET A JOB OFFER, you’ll want to sort out getting a PPS Number (see next post), so you minimise the rate at which you get taxed on the income you earn in your new job. I’ll explain more in the next couple of posts, but basically if you start work without having a PPS…

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