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Irish Tales From The Otherworld: Ghosts, Fairies & Evil Spirits

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9854481Title: Irish Tales From The Other World: Ghosts, Fairies & Evil Spirits

Writer: Bob Curran

Publishing House: Poolbeg Press

Date of Publication: October 21st 2015

Rating: 5 stars

”In Ireland, the supernatural is usually never all that far away. It lies sleeping beneath a seemingly peaceful and beautiful landscape, just beyond our vision but ready to emerge when we least expect it or when we inadvertently stir it to life.”

Ireland. Arguably, the most mystical country in beautiful Europe, its corners graced with millennia-old secrets and legends, its pagan past still present, still fascinating. In this marvelous book, Bob Curran pays homage to the darkest side of Ireland’s supernatural past (and present…), choosing not to follow the usual recipe of ”cataloguing” myths and legends but referring to actual occurrences and disturbances caused by various otherworldly perpetrators and stories that have passed from generation to generation.

If you are a hard-core…

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