7 Reasons Why Enjoy Living in Ireland

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I’m sick of not knowing what to write about. I feel I have done nothing but write for the last two weeks, but not one of those nasty paper squiggles has turned itself into a blog post. For the land of faeries, the writing faerie sure isn’t pulling its weight. And it’s driving me mental. My holidays are nearly over, I have barely stirred outside for two weeks, and I haven’t achieved a single thing on my project ‘to-do’ list (I’m looking at you, wedding photo album). Hopefully, that makes those readers who think my Instagram feed is heaps inspirational feel better about themselves😀

So this evening, despite being in the middle of another project, I decided I’d had enough of this blog sitting around all sans post and went to get some response post inspiration from Anne over at, Nearly Irish.  She really is such a source of joy for me and always has some delightful, expat-themed posts that make me think ‘Yup, that’s me.’

Earlier in the week, Anne posted about her 7 Reasons Why I Enjoy Living in Ireland. As usual, a bit of banter has grown up in the comment section, but I thought to myself, ‘Hey, why not do a response post.’ Wow, that’s two reflexive thoughts already!

Maybe I’m just procrastinating, but here we go – Rachel’s 7 Reasons Why I Enjoy Living in Ireland.

1. Being in Europe
Many antipodean migrants will say that one of the things they love about living in the UK and Ireland is being so close to so many diverse and interesting places. Australia is (still) 3 hours away from New Zealand and we’re so similar to each other (aside from some bizarre slang) that it never really felt like going anywhere to me. It just felt like visiting another town only the folk there talk funny. That said, despite being outrageously close to all these countries, I’ve scarcely visited any. Maybe next year.

2. The Isolation
Oh, the irony! So close to all these places and the thing I think of enjoying is the isolation! I don’t mind spending extended periods of time in my own company. Living in Ireland is pretty poetic for me, tucked up in a lough-side town, writing stuff, painting stuff and pretending I’m a great philosopher.

3. Work
As much as I want to be able to fund myself as a creative someday (unlikely) I have the great joy of working in a place that is amazing with people who are super cool and caring. I could spew paragraphs from my expounding plank about how nice it is to work in an environment where, although mental, your buddies will be there to work through it with you. Fair to say, if I didn’t have this job, we would not be living in the Province.

mount stewart

4. Old Stuff
This is a fairly terrible headline for such an awesome topic, but I love the depth and breadth of Irish history. It kind of tacks on weirdly to point 3 since I work in a place that is quintessentially ‘old stuff’ at its finest. Jesting aside. I remember sitting in a post-grad anthropology lecture and learning about the bog bodies I only got to visit in person by coming to Ireland. Seeing them, in all their mangled glory, really helped me connect that those words and graphics on a slide were someone. And that their life and experience has helped build the modern world. One peat bog at a time. For better or worse.

5. Adventures
I mentioned I hadn’t gotten across to Europe that much, but I do love the adventures I do have in Ireland. That’s not to say I couldn’t have adventures back in New Zealand (a short walk to Mordor, say), but there is inspiration around every corner here. I mean, hello…

dingle ireland

6. Going for pints!
Personally, I don’t drink, but I do like going to the pub for a coke and some chips while Tiernan has a pint. This is a tradition that we took back with us to New Zealand. Tiernan ended up getting a job at our local back in Auckland. Whereas I didn’t really go out for quiet drinks when I lived there myself. Just some pints and a match on the tv, maybe some trad or some local artist playing and every variety of chip one can imagine. In fact… I’m going RIGHT NOW!

7. This Sunset

Courtesy of Rachel in Ireland via rachelinireland.com





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