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A well known Irish verse A well known Irish verse

When I write my humble little word-strings,all I think of is the message I wish to convey, the words which I use as vehicles, and how it sounds/ looks to me.I can get away with that, because this is the modern age, the digital age, and I have the power to be anything I want to be. There really isn’t a right or wrong.

But that’s not how it used to be.

In the old days, the Irish poet could only compose a poem in the dark whilst lying down. He/ she had to train for a very long time, and I’m talking decades here. Each poem must consist of quatrains (4 line verses) called rann, divided into two parts called leathrann. Whatever sound, syllable or line a poem began with, it must end with the same. This is called dúnadh (closing).

These are…

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