Visiting Ireland Can Be Fun

Visiting Ireland Can Be Fun

By  | 12 August 2011

Visiting Ireland Can Be Fun

When you think about booking a holiday do you dream of golden beaches, blue skies and beautiful oceans? If so, the idea of travelling to somewhere with a cooler climate may not immediately appeal. But heading to less obvious destinations can make for some great holidays.

Ireland is one holiday destination than I like a lot. It may not be somewhere that you’ve ever thought of visiting. After all, it’s not necessarily the most obvious place to go on holiday. Although it certainly does have some golden, sandy beaches, it is not renowned for its great weather.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great place to spend time. On the contrary, you’ll find that there’s plenty to keep you and your family entertained in Ireland. This is a country with welcoming people, with beautiful landscapes and with interesting contrasts.


As you turn your thoughts to Ireland, you may naturally find that you think of its capital city, Dublin. There is certainly much to admire in Dublin, with its splendid Georgian buildings and its great nightlife. Many people visit the city and don’t stray into the rest of the country.

This is something of a shame because there is much more to Ireland and its capital. Indeed, even if you’re not interested in the wonderful countryside, there is much to keep you entertained in Ireland’s other major cities. There are few better places, for example, to spend time than in the city of Galway.

Ireland is a country in which you can experience a fantastic culture and history of the Irish people. It makes entertaining, educational and fun holiday experience.

The next time that you’re looking to book a holiday, don’t be too quick to dismiss his country. This is a place where you can experience traditional folk music, sample the brilliant pub atmosphere and enjoy learning about what makes Ireland so special.

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