Tourism in Ireland€“ – The Country Worth Visiting

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Tourism in Ireland The country worth visiting. Ireland is an Island of Europe situated in North-West. It is separated from neighbouring island of Great Britain by Irish Sea and North Channel. There is a wonderful ring of coastal mountains surround by low plains in the centre of the island. The highest of these isCarrantuohill is 1038 m high above sea level. Due to frequent rainfall and mild climate the area is lush green and has plenty of vegetations. Of course Ireland has mild but changeable oceanic climate with few extremes. Light rainfall is through out the year.

Tourism In Ireland

There are many tourist places in Ireland. Some of them are world’s heritage sites like Bru na Boinne,Skelling Michael and the Giants Causeway. The other places are Mount Stewart, Bunratty Castel, Rock of Cashel, Cliffs of Mother, Holy Cross Abbey, and Blarney Castel. The places which attract historians are Glendalough, Clonmacnoise and national monuments in the republic of Ireland.

Tourism In Ireland

Dublin is the capital of Ireland. Other main cities of Ireland are Belfast, Cork, Derry, Limerick, Galway, Lisburn, Waterford, Newry and Armagh. Dublin is the most loved tourist place. Some of popular attractions are Lakes of Killarney, Dingle peninsula, Guinness Storehouse, book of kells, Connemara, Aran Islands, Achill Island, Blue flag beaches, croghaun etc. Ireland has a mild temperature climate. Summer temperatures are generally range from 60ºF/15ºC to 70ºF/20ºC. Spring and autumn are generally 50ºF/10ºC. Winter is between 40ºF/5ºC and 46ºF/8ºC. Though snow is rare, but showers can occur at any time of the year.

Tourism In Ireland

Tourism led Ireland to create accommodation to facilitate tourists. There are wide options available like Hotels, Guest houses, Hostels, university accommodation and B and B in Ireland. Hotels provide wide range of choice from budget hotels to lavish 5 star hotels. Guest house provides only bed and it’s a cheaper solution. Where as Bed and Breakfast abbreviated as B and B in Dublin. Irish people welcome tourists and provide them bed and ‘Full Irish’ breakfast. The costing is in between budget hotels and hostels. Most of residence area in Dublin is situated in outskirts of Dublin.

Tourism In Ireland

English and Irish (Gaelic) are the two common languages of the Republic of Ireland and street and road signs are all in two languages. Irish people are very friendly and talkative. They are quick witty. They love traditions. They are famous for their music and Irish dancing. Bodharan – a kind of hand held drum is main musical instrument in Irish music. Visitors to Ireland from the United Kingdom and other EU countries are not required to make a declaration to customs at their place of entry. However, certain goods are prohibited or restricted to protect health and the environment; restricted goods are meat and poultry, some product of tobacco and alcohol.

Tourism In Ireland

Euro is the local currency of republic of Ireland. Sterling is the currency of Northern Ireland. Visa, MasterCard or American Express are most acceptable credit cards. Banks are generally operated during 9.30 am to 4.30 p.m.

Tourism In Ireland

Ireland is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and, in accordance with daylight saving, clocks are put forward one hour mid-March and back one hour at the end of October. During summer day light stay as late as 11pm but by mid-December it can be dark by 4pm. Smoking is prohibited in public areas to reduce hazards related to smoking this includes pubs, restaurants and hotels also.

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