Titanfall Is the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em of First-Person, Online-Only Shooters


After playing Titanfall‘s free-for-all mode for a few hours, you start to find its rhythms: plummet from your drop ship, sprint-scurry-hop across the battlescape until you notice red dots winking on your radar, engage the enemy high and low with gunfire, stealth-fu or snipe shots, then clamber into your sky-dropped giant robot suit, play rock ’em sock ’em with the other team’s giant robots, lose, eject and repeat all that until one side or the other racks up enough points to trigger an endgame scramble — the losers to a drop ship, the winners picking off the hotfooting losers.

I don’t know what the narrative premise of the game is. The beta doesn’t say, short of those little map descriptions while you’re waiting for a level to load. So I have no idea why I’m supposed to be doing any of this, nor do I care. If developer Respawn Entertainment…

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