Connor MacEgan

Keegan Family Tree

16xgreat grandfather

Conchobar Ruadh MacAodhagain, or in English, Connor ‘the Red’ MacEgan, was born in Tipperary in 1392 and was the son of Finghin son of Maoliossa son of Justin son of Simon son of Duncan son of Duncan son of Murtagh son of Flann son of Aedhagain.

Connor and his lineage held the post of Ollamh, a title on a par with the king.

An ollam (literally ‘most great’) was a poet or bard of literature and history. Each chief or tuath had its own ollam. The head ollam of a province such as Ulster would have been the head of all the ollams in that province, and would have been a social equal of the provincial king. Over all the provincial ollams was the Ard-Ollamh (Rí-Ollam, Rí-Eigeas, Príméces) who held the official post of Chief-Ollamh of Ireland or “Ollamh Érenn”. A modern equivalent in…

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