Dublin Round Two, Belatedly

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Free pint with a view of the city!

Our second time in Dublin was far better than the first. This time, no one was jet lagged, we saw some great parts of the city, and stayed with a family (friends-of-friends) who we were able to get to know a little bit. After a day full of buses, going from D0olin to Galway to Dublin to our friends’ house a bit outside the city, we were welcomed with a hot meal and good company. They even had several guitars, so Matt and I were able play a few tunes (it’d been a couple years since some of them, too). High on the guys’ list to see was the Guinness Storehouse, so we spent several hours wandering through the many floors, learning about the brewing process and global distribution. Did you know that 2/3 of barley in Ireland goes to Guinness? Now…

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Fáilte go Corcaigh (Welcome to Cork)

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Friday 22nd August 2014

Upon his one and only visit to Ireland, legendary country songwriter Johnny Cash was inspired to write the song ’40 Shades of Green’ – and while it was a eulogy of sorts (and there’s mention of a girl from Tipperary), its content is nothing like the similarly named risqué fiction. No, the shades of green Cash was speaking of refers to the hues, colours, rolling landscapes and evocative views that you get when visiting Ireland. And upon his most recent visit, blogger Jack, was fortunate enough to rekindle his love affair with the rolling green tapestry that’s woven in to the Irish skyline.

What a corker!

Truth be told, when you say to people I’m off back home to Ireland, the most common response is “Oh are you going to Dublin?”. And, while it has its merits, Dublin is considered a metropolis when you look at Ireland…

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Arch Bunker in Dublin

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Arthur’s Day has been called off, and not because of Rosh Hashanah.

The last Thursday in September, this international music event was cooked up in 2009 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Guinness’s St. James’s Gate brewery by the stout-hearted marketers at London-based Diageo (“Keep Walking.” “To Life, Love and Loot.” “Gentlemen, this is vodka.”).* You were supposed to raise your glass to Arthur at 17:59, marking the year he signed the legendary 9,000-year lease on the four-acre Dublin complex.

Criticized for glorifying binge drinking, burdening ambulance services, and contributing to liver disease, Arthur’s Day morphed into Guinness Amplify, a five-weekend series of events “championing up-and-coming musicians across Ireland with over 500 live gigs and industry opportunities.” It wraps up in Dublin October 9-12.

When I went to Dublin a year ago June, I had never been to Ireland. It turned out that the people I knew who had been…

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Irlanda, #giorno1 – L’arrivo

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Irlanda, #giorno1: L’arrivo

Ore 7.07 – Milano

In partenza da casa.

Ancora assonnati, all’idea della trafila pullman-attesainaeroporto-aereo-pullman-ricercadelBB mi viene male.

Ore 9.45 – Aeroporto di Orio al Serio

Gli aeroporti sono come chiese. Chiese consacrate al sacro rito del movimento, processioni sacrificali di valigie, e per indulgenze biglietti aerei che caccino lo stress. Amen.

Ore 11.00 (circa) – volo Ryanair Orio al Serio / 
Knock FR 4997, cielo sopra ?

L’Europa è coperta da un’affascinante e uniforme coltre bianca. Ha un che di straniante viaggiare al di sopra di tutto questo, sospesi tra bianco e azzurro.

Comunque attraversare l’affascinante coltre bianca è stato un inferno: maledette perturbazioni e maledetto ricordo dell’aereo abbattuto in Ucraina.

Ore 12.15 – volo Ryanair Orio al Serio / 
Knock FR 4997, cielo sopra Dublino 

Viaggiare con Ryanair fa riscoprire alcuni punti che dovrebbero essere sanciti per legge in un volo aereo:

  1. il silenzio (ma…

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IMG_0197IMG_0211IMG_0212I would have to mention Aerlingus, the shamrock on the airplane says it all. First class on the way there. Worth the extra attentiveness and endless refills of champagne. The first experience I had with authentic Irish lass’ eager to help you, piercing blue eyes and strikingly pretty. (they all were, every Irish lady it seemed stood out like a Celtic goddess) perhaps it’s the envy, every feature I’m not. I’ve always been especially attracted to Irish/English/Scottish (James Macavoy is my DREAM). I’ve seen opposites attract. The Irish for me are the other end of the rainbow. And I’m always drawn to it.

We arrived in Dublin with cloudy skies, not unusual for the UK. But I got my green stamp in my passport, and the friendly Irish man behind the counter told me and my mother with looked like sisters. Probably we were in the hundreds of what he’d…

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Guinness Storehouse Experience

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Storehouse 2

Guinness Storehouse is one of the top visitor attractions in Dublin where the visitor is taken through a comprehensive tour of every aspect of the production and distribution of Guinness stout.

The visitor is given the very clear impression Guinness is a harmless, healthy beverage made from natural ingredients.

The key ingredient in Guinness, alcohol/ethanol, is a toxic, addictive drug that poses a serious health threat to those who consume it.

The only mention of alcohol/ethanol we could find in the entire Storehouse is the sign above

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