Centuries of history in Tarbert Co Kerry

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Tarbert House, whose new windows will arrive this week.

Set in the heart of ancient woodland that skirts Tarbert Bay is a magnificent house that dates from 1690. This is Tarbert House an internationally known heritage building, that has been home to the Leslie family since the late 17th Century. The Leslie family arrived in these parts after being on the winning side of the Battle of the Boyne and count bishops and various titled Leslies in their ancestry. Currently undergoing renovations, the three storey house over a basement is an imposing structure with lovely views of rolling countryside and of the River Shannon.

With the Shanid Historical Society, I was privileged to visit this historic home last weekend with the impressive and knowledgeable Ursula Leslie as our guide. She provided us with a wealth of information about so many aspects of the history of this place; the family, the…

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Autumn Vegetable Soup

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Irish Vegetable Soup

Soup Unblended…

Autumn is upon us and with the change in temperature outdoors we need warm, wholesome, foods to keep us energized and satisfied.

This soup will do nicely. It is vegetarian, but so flavourful you’ll hardly miss the meat! The parsnip gives the soup a hint of sweetness, but only slightly, and if you’re not a fan of parsnips you can omit them altogether and substitute in another vegetable. In fact, the beauty of this soup is you can throw nearly any combination of veggies into the pot and come out with a dish that is simply delicious.

And Soup Blended!

And Soup Blended!

I follow Darina Allen’s method for vegetable soup making, which is 1:1:3:5. That is one cup of onion (could be onions, leeks, shallots or a combination of the three): one cup of potatoes: three cups of vegetables: and five cups of stock. This is foolproof soup making. Warm…

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Ireland’s Five Longest Rivers & Their Mythical Stories |My latest article for Irish Central

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The River Boyne, a mighty river indeed, and famous for its mythology, but surprisingly, NOT one of Ireland's longest.

The River Boyne, a mighty river indeed, and famous for its mythology, but surprisingly, NOT one of Ireland’s longest.

For those who are interested, my latest article for Irish Central entitled Ireland’s Five Longest Rivers and their Mythical Stories has just been published.

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3 Questions to Ask Before Studying Abroad in Ireland

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Abby Moncus is a student at Virginia Wesleyan College and an ISA Featured Blogger.  She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Dublin, Ireland.

As I leave for Ireland a week from today, I have found myself going over every detail in my head several times. I have lists written out to make sure I know exactly what I need to do before I leave. When talking to friends and family about my upcoming trip, I have been asked lots of questions about Ireland and my time abroad. Since they are questions I have gone over several times, I thought I’d answer some of them for you all!

Photo credit: GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

Photo credit: GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

1. What is the weather like over there? How do you know what to pack?

When I started packing, I made sure I downloaded some weather apps on my phone that would give me the most up-to-date…

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The Tide Was Out in Donegal, Ireland

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I really like this photograph.  It was a cloudy day in County Donegal, Ireland, and the light was fading.  The tide was out and the contrast between the sand and the light on the remaining water makes for an interesting view.  The sand and water almost look like a painting.

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